«Two sisters of Irish & English heritage whose musical complicity will send you drifting to a world of harmony…»

Recently crowned winners of the Montreux Jazz Festival’s « Swiss Rising Talent » contest, the folk-pop duo known as « The Woodgies » released their album « Holding Hands » composed of eleven songs on the 1st of October 2021 (Escudero Records Label).

Little did Hannah Leah & Meghan know when posting their first ever single also named « Holding Hands » on Youtube a few months back, that it would instantly grab the attention of the public and of those in the music business. Indeed, within just a few days of its release, they were signed by the Swiss label Escudero Records and now with approximately 2k broadcasts on radio playlists, multiple articles in the daily newspapers and over 80’000 streams on Spotify, they can assuredly admit to having exploded onto the Swiss music scene.

Something about the sisters’ enchanting melodies & special harmonies seems to lure people in & leave them wanting to hear more. Enveloped in the soft & touching sounds of acoustic instruments & delicate voices, listeners are brought on a melancholic yet hopeful journey through life’s trials & tribulations as seen through a young person’s eyes.

The Woodgies seize every opportunity with enthusiasm & have performed on numerous occasions in Switzerland, France and on the streets & in the pubs of Ireland. So step in out of the rain, push open the pub door and soak in the peace, warmth and togetherness evoked by their music.
Their authenticity & sincerity will soothe your soul and transport you to a world of memories, reflection and acceptance.

Now is the chance to discover this melodic duo and to join them on their musical journey!